This is Tiffany Anne, a young talented licensed cosmetologist on the rise! Tiffany’s talents have managed to land her great opportunities in the Los Angeles areas from working at The Oscars, The Grammys, Golden Globes, and Fashion weeks to name a few. Her hard work has made her one of the youngest color specialist in Los Angeles at the age of 21. At the young age of seven Tiffany, like most young girls found herself secretly seizing scissors and cutting her own hair when no one was looking. Instead of it just being a phase of curiosity Tiffany found herself wanting to do more than just cut her own hair. After graduating from high school she pursued her dreams as a cosmetologist and attended Paul Mitchell, after completing many hours and over coming some obstacles she earned her certification in hair and makeup. She is well known for her astonishing color transformations she performs on her clients. Tiffany has a powerful yearning for success that shows through the display of her work.

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