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Jonathan Kalonji is a young talented hair designer who was born in Belgium. He picked up his first pair of clippers at the age of 13. Lacking to find a “good barber”, he decided to start cutting his own hair, then his brothers, cousins and friends and so forth. He soon made the jump and started doing designs which took his clientele to a whole other level. Before he realized, his mom’s garage became a mini barbershop. He officially started his professional career at the age of 17 at a local barbershop in the city of Mons (Belgium). That was a short but rather rewarding experience. He learned the difference between cutting friends and legitimate clients,the importance of becoming professional. Two years later he moved on to a newer and bigger barbershop in Brussels City and eventually made a name for himself. He was then ready to move on to the next step. In 2009, he took his professional career to Modesto, California, where he cut and designed hair until the end of 2015. After having learned a lot, teaching a few classes, being the most requested barber in town and being booked every single day, Jonathan felt that he had reached the top of his expectations in Modesto. It was time for the next step of his journey in the barber world. He decided to sign with Elegance as a sponsored pro educator and joined the Elegance Studio team in Los Angeles shortly after that. With his many years of experience and his hard work and dedication to the barber game, Jonathan considers himself a master hair designer as he has mastered his craft. His skills have kept on evolving more and more every day. He has become one of the sharpest “organic barbers” of the industry and is considered one of California’s top barbers. Jonathan’s motto is: “Pay attention to details others neglect”. He always wants to push himself to keep getting better, learning and perfecting every single detail of his art and passion.